Are we operating on Facebook?

At this time we are not operating on Facebook, however we have done so in the past. Facebook is a powerhouse amongst business but it is off-putting to some consumers for very particular reasons.

CookeCorp is trying to make waves without all the social hype.
Our future social proof may be posted via our page. If you’d like to support our work, one of the ways in which you can do so is by liking our page.

Are we operating on X (Twitter)?

At this time we are not operating on X (formally Twitter), however we have done so in the past. We have plans to start operating on X again during summer of 2024. During this time, posts from us may include some in-house memes, some business banter and company updates.

We plan on promoting various content via X (formally Twitter) because as a platform it better suits our needs for quick easy social media access, with the ability to automate posts and create applications via the API. Of course any platform comes with trade-offs and X (formally Twitter) is no exception to that rule.

We plan on using various other platforms including Kominate, A stand out social media platform directed at small niche audiences.
Pinterest – Where we plan on sharing some helpful hints and tips.
Reddit – Where we currently share media related works.
YouTube – Where we’ll be sharing our videos and other related media.

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