Get your idea online now!

We handle all of your design, and hosting needs, perfect for those on the go, our bespoke web design service is a perfect fit for anyone looking to launch their idea online. Perfect for Businesses and none techy users!

END-TO-END Control for Developers

The services we offer in our product catalogue include; web hosting packages, domain names, SSL certificates, additional resources (dedicated IP addresses, traffic, slots for parked domains, databases, etc.).

Shared VPS

Limit your costs and get your project online without the need for managed equipment.

Domain Names

Looking for the perfect business name? Start with a quick domain name lookup. We’ve got great deals on all kinds of TDL’s.

SSL Certificates

Secure your website and encrypt your data with cheap SSL certificates to protect yourself and your customers now.

Managed VPS

Dedicated control at your fingertips, without the hassle and worry of maintaining the equipment.

Responsive Webmail

Clean, simple and easy to use interactive email , packed full of features.

Dedicated Control Panel!

A place for total control over your website and its resources, with dedicated monitoring and plenty of features.

Node.JS Hosting

Everything you need to launch your cloud based projects without having to shell out for it.

Magento Hosting

Experiment with next level implementation with magento hosting today.

WordPress Hosting

Buy hosting for the CMS that helped build the modern web as we know it. That’s right WordPress.

dedicated IP addresses

Grab the perfect dedicated IP addresses for your project, don’t delay.

Uptime Guarantee

Our equipment comes with an uptime guarantee of 99.95%, that’s a leading score based on industry average.

Plus Much More!

We’re developing and updating our services and processes to deliver the best products possible for our users.

Stress-free Solutions

from start to finish

Is there such thing as a stress free solution? Rarely is there such a thing. However CookeCorp is reimagining stress by creating solutions that make ease out of problems.

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