Using a pre-existing domain that someone else owned!

It comes with risks and perks. Using a domain name that has already been in use by a third party comes with risks. for example has been operated by some shady characters in the past. Set up as a data harvesting website of some kind. Used presumably to scam people after obtaining personal information. We do not condone the actions of the previous owners in anyway shape or form. However they put a lot of work into SEO building. With this we decided to use this domain name as a testing and experimental platform.

GBCF is now a functioning wallet implemented to test blockchain connectivity and API usage between platforms. Although advertised clearly on the site as a working mock website.

The goal of GBCF was initially to test various implementations of blockchain technology into a website. Overall successful GBCF also benefited from use due to strong predetermined SEO.

The development of GBCF as an implemented wallet platform took around 48 hours of development time. Give or take a few hours here and there for formatting.

GBCF uses a simple layout and UI to simplify any learning curve required by the user. Mainly developed as an experiment by CookeCorp to test implementation of web3 technologies into a PHP platform.

At this time no future development plans are in place for GBCF however on going maintenance is required.

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