An Outstanding-Rated Childminder deserves a clean, secure website!

We’ve had the pleasure of not only designing but managing the website of a renowned industry leader in tot education and care.

Our Vision

Was to provide a clean, simple website that got straight to the point.

Our Mission

Our mission was clear. We had to prioritise security and delivery a clean UI and design.

Our Process

We painstakingly spent 24 hours in development. Due to client needs we also continue the management of the site.

Clean UI

The website was developed with ease of use in mind. Allowing for a clean intuitive look. While still keeping it’s utility as a professional website it has a very personal feel and an inviting top bar menu.

Our clean design is continued throughout the site and reflects the social media efforts of the business owner. Matching the style and consistency.

Utility & SEO

The website utility and SEO was structured to match the pre-existing presence of the business. Delivering simple processes for the day to day operations of the business without compromise to the clean design or security of the site.

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